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Letters published July 13, 2005

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Consider the Source
Open Triv's mouth and Limbaugh falls out:
I agree that Mike Trivisonno's stupid ["Food Fight," First Punch, June 29]. Apparently when sports aren't involved, he gets all his information from Rush Limbaugh.

On a recent episode, the discussion was about how Michael Moore was an out-of-touch Hollywood type, ignoring the fact that Moore is from a working-class background, like Mike was, before Mike sold out. And here Mike is, getting his opinions from Limbaugh, a drug addict who has been divorced three times, lives in a $24 million mansion, and tricks people making $7 an hour into voting for the interests of guys living in $24 million mansions.

Another topic was how Triv and his co-workers hate John Kerry. Will these idiots ever realize that the Republicans were behind the crooked dealings that led to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, resulting in the media consolidation that has eliminated so many radio jobs?

Sidekick Paul Rado recently did a solo Saturday show, in which he voiced the opinion that the Browns and Indians should have donated their money to suburban schools, rather than to Cleveland schools. I guess he's trying to fill a void by providing right-wing Saturday sports talk.

Jeff Fritz

Very Sucky
You shoulda seen the stuff we cut:
I found the review of Motion City's new album to be quite terrible [Playback, June 29]. I respect the opinion of the author. However, I look down upon his amateurism in using slang such as "suck" and other terminology, as well as in bashing the music and band as a schoolyard bully does the nerds.

If the author ever desires credibility, he should mature his writing style and critique albums with big-boy words and respect for the artist. I find this review to be far, far worse than the author finds Commit This to Memory.

Jeff DeWaters
Valhalla, New York

Unseemly language has no place in rock: It's despicable that such an immature and unprofessional review would be published. The author seemed to make no attempt to objectively look at the album in an analytical fashion. The review was no more than a useless rant that used language that any professional journalist would know better than to incorporate into a piece. How does something like that get published?

Dara Levy
Rochester, New York

He Had It Coming
You get what you pay for:
Pete Kotz deserved to be screwed by the IRS and National City ["I Want My IRS," June 22]. It sounds like his accountant was a friggin' retard. Furthermore, Kotz knew that the guy was unorganized and unreliable.

Of course, Kotz won't take responsibility for his own mistakes or the mistakes of his tax guy. Why should he, when he can blame the government or the bank? Maybe next time the cheap bastard should go to H&R Block.

Tom St. Angelo

Falling Bodies
You'd holler NIMBY too:
This is in reference to the June 8 article about the Y-Bridge ["Suicide Bridge"]. These people who submitted letters bashing the writer are totally missing the point.

The whole point is to give the residents and businesses under the Y-Bridge some kind of relief from these horrors. But, in the usual infinite wisdom of the Akron government, they refuse to help these residents. I was appalled at Mark Williamson's reaction to this problem. How fast he went from the compassionate reporter at 23 News to a crass "Mayor Don" man!

Akron government has always been more worried about its image than its citizens. This is why there is no longer any industry in Akron. I was a resident for almost 30 years, but finally I couldn't wait to move to the Cleveland area to escape that hellhole of a town. They just don't get it down there.

Rick Flowers

Save lives or save views . . . hmmm: I have three words for everyone who complained about "Suicide Bridge": blah, blah, blah. As far as I could tell, this article was meant to illustrate, in graphic detail, the effect of the suicides on the people who had to deal with the aftermath. It is completely unacceptable for these people to have bodies falling into their backyards, businesses, etc., when something could easily be done about it. Put up a fence, for crying out loud!

It is absolutely appalling to me that city officials are more concerned about obstructing a view than they are about saving lives and saving innocent bystanders -- some of them children -- from the sight of some selfish schmuck who decided to swan-dive. What will it take? Does a jumper actually have to land on top of a playing child before this is considered a big enough problem to deal with?

People screamed that the article was offensive and insensitive. What I find offensive is that nobody cares enough to shut up and actually do something about the problem.

Greg Harper

The photo that accompanied last week's story on Summit County Executive James McCarthy ["All in the Family"] was not actually McCarthy, but some other old guy with a comb-over. The error was due to the fact that all white people look alike. We apologize for being morons.

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