Cop Commandeers Golf Cart to Chase Suspect (Updated)


Update: Well, well. The suspect who was chased down by a cop in a commandeered golf cart is back in the news for, well, the same news.

Kirk Fenderson was nabbed last month for stealing booze. This weekend, he was nabbed for the same thing after allegedly lifting some Bud from a Rite-Aid. By all accounts, police were able to apprehend Fenderson this time without the use of recreational vehicles. Because he is a repeat offender, he was held without bond. (Sandusky Register)


It happens in the movies all the time. Someone like Bruce Willis will be chasing a suspect on foot through an alley only to see the perp hop in an awaiting getaway car and skedaddle. Our action star then stands in the middle of the road, gun drawn, and stops the first passing vehicle he sees — flashing his badge, opening the door, and telling the driver he just needs his 1995 Ford and that it's totally cool, he's a police officer.

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