Cop to Spy Bar owner: "Stop feeding the pigeons"; Pesky birds to blame for bar's troubles?

West Sixth patrons: Be on the look out for this bird. His is considered armed and dangerous.
The Plain Dealer reports today that a Cleveland police sergeant was caught on tape busting out some pretty old-school strong-arm tactics on the owner of Spy Bar, the West Sixth night club blamed in the July 4th murder of 23-year-old Christian Hall. On the tape, the sergeant, a Third District vice cop named Terry Shoudlers, urges bar owner Marty Singh to start shutting down his bar promptly at 2 a.m. and to nix its College ID Night. If not, Shoulders politely explained in his gentle Vice Cop Voice, “I’ll throw your fucking people out every night, you understand?” Addressing a separate but apparently equally important issue, Shoulders also tells Singh to "stop feeding the pigeons." You can hear the whole conversation here. -- Joe P. Tone
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