Why is Dennis Kucinich likely to get re-elected in a cakewalk? Exhibit A: A new press release from Republican primary candidate Peter J. Corrigan (not the Democratic common-pleas judge of the same name), who is running to take on Kucinich in November for the 10th district congressional seat. While Corrigan rails against Kucinich’s change of heart about voting no on the health care bill, that “flip-flop” is being greeted with sighs of relief among much of his constituency.

Yet Corrgian’s statement says this:

  • Corrigan
What is a Congressman’s SOUL WORTH? ONE Magical Mystery Plane Ride On Air Force One. What’s the price of admission on the magical mystery plane ride?

For CONGRESSMAN KUCINICH, it’s his principles, everything he has every stood for in his political career, a flip flop on pro-life, a vote for OBAMA’S health care reform, marriage with the insurance industry and last but not least, he betrays us!

Candidate Peter Corrigan of the 10th Congressional District wants to know, “What did they promise Dennis on his magical mystery plane ride? What could they give Congressman Kucinich to make him defy his constituents wishes and succumbs to political pressure in flip-flopping his vote on healthcare. Congressman Kucinich has built his political career on the backs of hard working Clevelanders, now turns his back on us.”

Make no mistake; Congressman Kucinich has lost touch from where he came. Mark this date, March 17, 2010, Congressman Kucinich no longer stands up for the little guy.

In fact, “the little guy” may have had more to do with Kucinich’s switch than any “magical mystery ride.” On Tuesday evening, about 50 demonstrators stood outside Kucinich’s office, ostensibly offering two opposing viewpoints. MoveOn and HCAN (Health Care for Americans Now) organized a group to urge Kucinich to vote for the bill, while SPAN (Ohio Single Payer Action Network) rallied in support of Kucinich’s longtime advocacy of single payer. But many of the SPAN bunch were quietly saying that Kucinich should vote for the bill as a first step in working toward a single-payer system. All agreed that the current health-care system isn’t working.

Rather than “defying” his “hard-working” constituents, Kucinich finally appears to have listened to them and stood up for them.

Neither Corrigan’s press release nor his website reveals his own position on health-care reform. If, like most Republicans, he believes in no reform, he’s the one that’s out of touch with the people of the 10th district. — Anastasia Pantsios

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