Court Tells Woman, "Sorry, Shouldn't Have Gotten Pregnant!"

As Donald Trump would say:
  • As Donald Trump would say: "Ya fired!"

This just seems really, really wrong. Tiffany McFee, a 28-year-old woman employed at Pataskala Oaks Care Center in Licking County, Ohio, was fired from her job after she missed work because of "medical issues related to her pregnancy and subsequent childbirth." Pataskala's policy states that all employees must complete a full year of work before being eligible for any type of leave. McFee had been employed for eight months.

McFee filed a complaint stating that losing her job was "unlawful sex discrimination on the basis of her pregnancy." Her gripe made it all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court, which shot her down. Justice Robert Cupp, in his opinion, wrote

"In this sense, the policy is ‘pregnancy-blind.’ Thus, a pregnant employee may be terminated for unauthorized absence just as any other employee who has not met the minimum-length-of-service requirement but takes leave based upon a similar inability to work.”

Aside from losing her job, McFee also lost her home in Newark. Oh, and she also has five kids. I hope you feel good about yourself, Ohio.

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