Cow Advocates Will Be Protesting the Mac 'N Cheese Throwdown on Saturday (Yes, Really)

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[image-1]There is no shortage of protests these days and given the political climate it's not particularly shocking, but there's one scheduled for this weekend that was an udder (pardon the pun) surprise to us. The Mac 'N Cheese Throwdown, a sold-out fundraiser for W.A.G.S. 4 Kids, is being targeted by a small group of picketers because macaroni and cheese is made with cheese, which is made from cow milk.

"To support the Mac 'N Cheese Throwdown is to say that cows' lives do not matter, and that this treatment is tolerable," protest organizers said in a Facebook post.

While fundraiser participants will remain inside Red Space reveling in a cheesy gorgefest (20 restaurants are offering samples of their take on the staple comfort food for judging), protesters will be outside hoisting signs that say things like "Cow's Milk is For Baby Cows."

We'll let them explain it in their own words, via the Facebook page.
WAGS 4 Kids will be hosting an event featuring a whole afternoon of mac n cheese. While this is a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, it is wrong to exploit dairy cows in order to help humans in need. We must create a world where no one is harmed in the process of supporting others.

This is an OUTSIDE protest and will take place on the sidewalks next to Red Space. Some signs will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own! Dress for the weather; be prepared to stand for an hour and a half.

Why protest the dairy industry? Male cows are abused in order to collect their semen to artifially impregnate female cows. Once a female gives birth, her babies are shortly taken away from her, because her milk is used for human consumption instead of her own children. Her male babies are kept in crates too small to be able to turn around, and killed at only a few months old. Her female babies will suffer the same fate as her. The process repeats until her body is no longer profitable, and then she is killed for "lower quality meats" such as ground beef. To support the mac n cheese throwdown is to say that cows' lives do not matter, and that this treatment is tolerable. But we will stand up for them, because there is NO excuse for this abuse.
Welcome to 2017, when even mac and cheese is controversial.
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