Crack Dealing Piece of Trash Chooses Jail Over Cemetery

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Score one for Cleveland City Councilman Mike Polensek! Arsenio Winston, caught dealing drugs outside a convenience store in the councilman’s Collinwood ward, was sentenced today to two years in prison by a Cuyahoga County judge. You may remember Winston from a letter he received in the mail from Polensek after being arrested for drug-trafficking this summer. He was “stupid,” said the letter, a “loser,” and, who could forget, “a crack-dealing piece of trash.” Polensek lovingly closed the letter, “Go to jail or the cemetery soon.” Apparently, Winston favored the first choice. After the sentencing, news cameras met with Polensek outside the courthouse to capture his reaction (i.e. Goad him into a spitting-mad rage, which basically involves asking him a question, making eye contact, or turning down a pierogi). Asked by a Channel 5 reporter whether he felt it was appropriate to send the letter to Winston on Cleveland City Hall stationery, Polensek gave a hearty “Hell Yeah!” Asked whether he felt that calling the boy “dumber than mud” could be construed as racist, Polensek did a double-take. “Racist? What is that?” I'm Mike Polensek, Bitch! Luckily for Winston, at least somebody had a soft spot for him. Judge Peter Corrigan put him on post-release control, meaning Winston could be out in as little as four months. Sources inside the courtroom say Winston broke down in tears, pleading with Corrigan for more prison time. “Please Judge, you don’t know the councilman. He’s crazy!” -- Jared Klaus
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