Craigslist Ad of the Day: A Woman is Never As Cute As When She's Choking

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Maybe its a damsel in distress thing.
  • Maybe it's a damsel in distress thing.

Everyone has their avenues of attraction, those particular triggers for sweaty palms and the like. Over on this side of the table, we're more traditional eyes/smile type guys, call us old fashion. But hey, if a piece of dinner down the wrong windpipe is what trains Cupid's arrows for you, who are we to judge? This would-be Romeo was bewitched while enjoying dinner at Lakewood's Cozumel.

You are a beautiful brunette who was eating with two of your lady friends at Cozumel last night; I was in the booth next to yours, facing you, with a female friend. At one point while you were there you started choking & coughing, but otherwise seemed fun and funny and delightful. I think you went across the street to UDF for ice cream before coming back and then leaving in your SUV right as I was leaving the restaurant.

I would love to have coffee or a drink with you sometime.

tell me the color of your SUV so I know it's you.

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