Craigslist Missed Connection of the Week Does Not Have a Happy Ending

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It's rare that a Missed Connection has a happy ending. Most of the time, those little virtual missives float into the ether, never landing in front of the eyes they were meant for.

More rare - and most enjoyable — however, is the time when a Missed Connection finds the intended target and the subject dispatches a brutal smackdown to the author. We have such an instance today.

First, the original MC:

Wilbert's before OSU/Michigan Game - m4w - 26

We were both in Wilbert's before the game. You were with your boyfriend so I really couldn't come up and talk to you, but we made eye contact and smiled at each other several times. Doubt you'll read this but let me know where in the bar we were and what you were wearing. Can't get your smile out of my mind...

And now, the response from the female:

Wilberts before the game - w4m (re)

This is to the creepy guy stairing at me while I was with my boyfriend, stop being creepy and get a life. It is sad when a woman cant go out withy her man with out some loser eye fucking her form across the bar, then posting a missed connection about it. Stop being a creepy loser, No missed connection here. Next time Ill tell my bf about your creepy stairing problem and He will come over there and beat the ugly off your face.

Ah, unrequited internet love. The hardest kind to get over. Oh, hey, look, there's another cute girl at the bar. Let me grab my computer. I'll be back in a second.

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