Creep of the Week: Stacy Matthews, Pissed Lady Who Plowed Over Pedestrians in McDonald's Parking Lot

Rough justice.
  • Rough justice.

Her birth certificate — and now her Ohio Corrections paperwork — might say Stacy Matthews, but you probably know the 23-year-old Clevelander as the lead-footed nutjob who plowed over five people in a McDonald's parking lot during the burger slinger's much advertised hiring day last April.

After trying to plead her case before a judge in a bench trial, Matthews was found guilty of six counts of felonious assault stemming from the incident. This morning she was slapped with seven years in prison plus an additional five years on parole, according to Fox8.

The courtroom account also dragged new facts into the light of day: mainly, that Matthews and pal Cedrica Johnson rolled up on that Golden Arches that day not looking for jobs, but with the express purpose of picking a bone with two teenage girls on site for the hiring day. An altercation broke out, which ended when Matthews racked up the body count with her car and fled. Luckily, no one was killed.

Johnson has yet to be sentenced.

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