Crowning Cleveland's Hottest Mom

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Between spins of JT and Nelly Furtado, the folks at 96.5 KISS FM are finding time to take up another important initiative: crowning Cleveland’s hottest mom. This is no small task. Ranking women’s hotness is an exhausting exercise. Just last weekend I spent all of Saturday ranking the girls from Sex in the City. At times I was incapacitated by the indecision between picking sexpot Samantha and wordsmith Carrie Bradshaw. (Bradshaw wins by a press-on!) Ranking women’s hotness can be so time-consuming, I sometimes wonder if it’s interfering with my dating prospects, which have been temporarily suspended since 1996. But the folks at KISS seem dedicated to the task. They’ve started a website where you can view pictures and vote. They’ve arranged a photo shoot for the finalists, and come up with some prizes – cash, a spa treatment, etc. – for the winners. (The winner of my Sex and the City contest only got the honor of having their poster above my bed). For now, I plan on voting for finalist No. 15, Christy, because she played on my football team last summer and will surely kick my ass if I vote for someone else (like, say, No. 18). But just to be sure of my decision, I’ve carved out my Friday night for deliberations. Oddly, I don’t have anything else to do. – Joe P. Tone

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