Cuyahoga County Council Has a Survey No One Is Answering


The new Cuyahoga County Council has discovered Survey Monkey, and wants your opinion. The topic for the county’s first-ever foray into the wilds of public thought: how to carry out the county charter mandate to provide residents with financial assistance to cover higher education costs.

The five-question survey appeared on the council website September 6
, but despite Facebook and Twitter announcements, response has been dismal with only 25 people of the county’s 1.3 million weighing in. Perhaps council should focus first on ways to increase its social media following.

There’s still time: The survey will be up until at least next week. It’s a chance to answer important questions, like whether students receiving county money for school should be required to attend an educational institution actually located within the county, and whether these students should have to keep their newly learned talents within Cuyahoga confines for a period of time after graduating.

“It’s very quick, but the information we might receive back is very substantive,” says Joe Nanni, council chief of staff. He adds that future surveys are likely, particularly for more important issues like this one.

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