Cuyahoga Port Authority Helping Dee Snider Make Film in Cleveland

Hes looking for a couch to crash on while in Cleveland. And he might borrow your makeup.
  • He's looking for a couch to crash on while in Cleveland. And he might borrow your makeup.

The news itself was kind of boring but uplifting: the Port Authority last week announced it would issue $5.2 million in bonds to help finance three films that would be shot in Cleveland. We'll forgive you if you glazed over the details after that since the words "Port Authority" and "Bonds" are sure to make just about anyone anxious to read something else immediately, even obituaries or anything by Kevin O'Brien.

The quick takeaway was positive, however, even if you read nothing else. Cleveland's been working on getting major motion pictures to film here more often, and though that cause has been stifled by government's steadfast refusal to grant tax breaks, it's still a noble cause to draw tax dollars to the struggling city.

We soldiered on for more information, reading through the details because that's what you demand of us, ignoring our soul's screams for release from boredom and it was there that the three prospective films were named: The Kid Who Only Hit Homers, Strangeland 2, and Cleopatra Smiles.

The middle one caught our eye. Strangeland 2? As in, directed by former Twisted Sisters lead singer Dee Snider? Why yes indeed, Dee Snider is coming to town.

If you missed the original Strangeland, you're not alone. We never saw it either, but the trailer, which involves a lot of teens chatting online, is after the jump. We're assuming Chris Hansen stars in the sequel.

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