Daily Show Orchestrates Confrontation Between Washington Football Fans and Native Americans

click to enlarge From Daily Show filming. - via @redcorn
via @redcorn
From Daily Show filming.

In a pre-arranged D.C. hotel showdown, fans of the Washington football team were confronted by the Native American activist/sketch comedy group the 1491s for a segment on The Daily Show. 

The Washington Post describes the confrontation as "so intense that one fan left in tears." 

"This goes way beyond mocking," said a 56-year-old former teacher and huge football fan from Alexandria, totally unaware of the irony. "Poking fun is one thing, but that’s not what happened." 

According to the Post, the native group accused the fans of "sounding like an alcoholic, someone who's in denial and who doesn't want to believe what they're doing is not right."

The segment was filmed Sep. 13 and was slated to air last week, but was bumped for some guy named Bill Clinton. It will air this week and should feature footage of the 1491s attending a few tailgates the following day, complete with all the abominable insults we've come to intimately know (and in many cases defend) in Cleveland. 

This issue's not going to disappear, especially when all the late-night hosts are tapped into the absurdity. Here's one of our favorite segments, from John Oliver in June.

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