Dayton Robbery Ends with Rare Act of Charity, Kind of

Yeah, they took my wallet, but they also gave me this new haircut!
  • "Yeah, they took my wallet, but they also gave me this new haircut!"

Sometimes you read enough of these depressing news items and get the idea this whole western civilization thing is nose-diving fast. I mean, we've got a punchline making a serious run on a US senate seat, horny school teachers ditching eHarmony for their 6th period European history class, and a Steelers' fan bought the Browns.

But just when you figured it couldn't get worse, you come across a little news story like this one that partially restores that faith in humanity Josh Mandel's fake country accent took out back and drowned in the swimming pool.

This news item comes out of Dayton
, and it begins depressingly, familiarly enough. A guy waiting for the bus at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning was approached by two assailants. Yes, assailants, so you know what's coming next . . .

After pulling at .22-caliber gun, one of the individuals demanded the victim turn out his pockets. The loot included a cell phone and $40.

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