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Letters published March 12, 2008

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"Singled Out," March 5

Clevelanders cool to hipster fashion: Quick thing to know, which you almost got right: Clevelanders love music, but most of them refuse to advertise their specific proclivities by way of fashion. Sure, you can spot a throwback punk or greaser a mile away, but just because we can't fit into our little sister's pants doesn't mean we don't love to rock out to some obscure, weird music.

Isn't it a little weird that most "hipsters" gauge their own hip factor internally and constantly? Wouldn't it be more cool (or deck) to not care and do your thing? Just saying. Anyways, welcome to Cleveland.


C-Notes: "Tales from the Debate: Pavlik talks politics . . ."

Don't Box Him In
Pavlik steps out of ring, into campaigning: I admire Pavlik for being an athlete who understands there are worlds beyond his sheltered bubble. Good for him! I'd like to see more Cleveland athletes follow his example and realize there are more constructive things they can do — off the field — than strut up and down the Warehouse District like egocentric dopes.


"The Great Cologne Robbery of Akron," First Punch, March 5

Wrecked Axeman
Kaminski goes from thrash to trash: Wow, I think Michael Kaminksi needs to go on Jay Leno as a bigger celeb than when he played in the band.

What a shame. He was so talented and a good-looking guy at one time. If he got into drugs, it is so sad what has happened to him. Now he is the butt of jokes, but who was there to help him when he was struggling with his addiction?

I think the music community should reach out to him. Don't they have a fund for these guys who fall by the wayside, like a discarded musical instrument? Where is our compassion? Funny as it may seem, you never know when desperation may engulf you and you may make a choice that will gain you infamy for 15 minutes.


Were Akronites Kaminski's pawns? Mike used to work at a coffee shop in Akron called Arabica. I knew him sort of well when he worked there. He was really nice and always talked about music and his time in Cop Shoot Cop.

Eventually, me and some friends got to know him well enough to loan him gear. One friend loaned him his prized four-track that he had saved up for months to buy. Mike borrowed it, quit his job, and pawned the thing. People tried to reach out to this dude, but he always burned them. Don't blame Akron kids for this dude's problem. Addiction is fucked up, but only the addict can decide to deal with his/her problems.

Besides, the guy he robbed is a good friend of mine who had been stuck up months earlier with a real gun. Does anybody give a fuck about him? Some people are just motherfuckers, and this dude could definitely be one.


Talent down the tubes: Hey, I remember him — he was a super-good guitarist and quite a talent in his own right. It is a shame what has happened to this man. It is always sad when someone falls that low and is that desperate for funds that he has to resort to crime to put food on the table. Very sad.


"Dumping Dennis," February 27

Attend to This
Dennis to receive gold star from principal! Joe Cimperman is a liar. Kucinich has the best attendance record in Congress. He was just recognized for his attendance record by the Patrick Henry Democratic Club of America. He also has a 100 percent voting record on human rights, the environment, the economy, and peace. Everyone in Cleveland can be really proud of Kucinich.

It's a shame Cimperman is taking corporate money to lie about Kucinich.


Tokyo, that little-known suburb of Akron: How can Cimperman support local industry, when he is driving around in a Subaru?!? Yes, I know American cars are made with many foreign parts, but I don't see a Subaru plant here. I see GM, Ford, and Mittal.


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