Dennis Kucinich Is Openly Begging For A New District

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You can take my district, but you cant take her.
  • You can take my district, but you can't take her."

A confluence of events has left Dennis Kucinich in a tough spot. Ohio will lose two seats in the House of Representatives after the Census showed a sharp drop in the state's population, Republicans gained control of the Ohio house, Cleveland's precipitous drop in population means one of the seats will come from Northeast Ohio, and it looks like as the time for redistricting nears, the GOP will target Kucinich's seat.

So here's Dennis, lovable and loved, a stalwart of Cleveland politics, playing out the string in a term that could be his last. As the AP points out, when a representative's district is targeted for elimination, most times that rep will stay quiet and lay low for awhile.

Not Dennis.

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