Despite Stormy Setback, CiCLEvia Looks Ahead to September Event

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Despite Stormy Setback, CiCLEvia Looks Ahead to September Event
Due to heavy rains, the first of three CiCLEvías, originally scheduled for Aug. 13, was canceled. Fortunately, the next in the three-part series is right around the corner on Sept. 10 from 3-7 p.m.

Ciclovías, which translate to “bikeways,” originated in south and central Colombian cities like Cali, Medellín and Bogotá during the mid-1970s. The idea: close city streets to motorized traffic in the early afternoon, hold guided public performances and activities and encourage pedestrians, bicyclists, and other kinds of human-powered traffic.

That was exactly what organizers at CiCLEvía set out to do.

“Open street events like CiCLEvía give people an opportunity to move, play, socialize, and celebrate their communities while encouraging them to experience streets as a shared public space that serves diverse users,” organizer Calley Mersmann says in press release.

CiCLEvía, in conjunction with a number of sponsors, planned to debut the street festival in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. West 25th from MetroHealth Drive to Wade Avenue were to be closed, connectors established to neighboring Ohio City and Tremont and three hubs—the health hub, age-friendly hub, and family-friendly hub— opened for public events and street vendors.

For all Ohioans in the northern half of the state, the heavy rains and outages have been a blessing and an inconvenience. Cleveland had been flirting with moderate to severe drought conditions in the weeks leading up to the recent spate of strong thunderstorms.

For all our sakes, let’s hope the drought tapers, the thunderstorms subside and skies clear up for the next CiCLEvía on Sept 10.

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