Dime Magazine Catches Up With Craigh Ehlo (He's Playing Pickup With Stockton These Days)


Remembered forever outside of Cleveland as the guy flailing below His Airness on The Shot, there's plenty more in Ehlo's life — coaching, broadcasting, hooping with John Stockton in Spokane, admiring the short shorts that Stockton still wears on the court, and more.

DIME's got a nice little Q&A. Here's just a tiny bit.

Dime: Do you still play in pick-up games around Spokane?
Craig Ehlo: I play twice a week. You’re going to like this one, I know you’re familiar with John Stockton; he built a gym here (in Spokane) using the old Utah Jazz floor from the Salt Palace. He bought a couple of old warehouses and he’s got five courts in there — he opens it up on Sundays for us to play. A lot of old Gonzaga players play, like Casey Calvary and Richie Frahm — so it’s an old guys thing — but he also lets the local high school kids come in. So they get to kind of learn and play against better competition. It’s fun and if you know John, he doesn’t goof around. It’s games to seven and you play your butt off or you don’t play at all.

Dime: Do you guys ever bust out your old NBA jerseys during the games?
CE: Now here’s the funny thing, John wears his old shorts from probably when he was in high school that come up around mid-thigh and some old Nikes that I bet you are 1984 models. So he’s nostalgic. It’s funny too because we play skins and shirts, and sometimes him and I have to take our shirts off and it’s not pretty — but John’s in the kind of shape that he played in for 19 years and he can run forever. Matter of fact, just yesterday we won three games in a row and I was like ‘I can’t go again, it’s too much,’ and John was like ‘get your butt up here, we’re going to go again.’

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