Diversion of the Day: Classic Carl Monday! Oh My!

In the wake of Gus Garcia-Roberts' recent special report on Carol Monday's going soft, I present to you some old-school Carl -- like 1989 old. In this classic I-Team report, Carl busts a Cleveland cop playing softball on duty. His hidden cameras catch the "RoboCops'" clean-up hitter changing out of his police uni and into softball gear in the parking lot, then, after the game, changing back into his work duds and hitting the street. Stay tuned until the end, when Carl pimps his next report -- about a grocery store with old meat on its shelf. "How old is old?" the male anchor asks. "Well," Carl says. "How 'bout four years old?" "Oh my!" the female anchor cries out, and all is right in the world. -- Joe P. Tone
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