Do You Care That Geraldo Rivera is Moving to Cleveland This Summer?

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[image-1]Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, most recently in the media cycle for saying,“Well, one of my favorite things in the 16 years I’ve been here at Fox News is watching bombs drop on bad guys,” after Fox and Friends used some Toby Keith music in the background of the MOAB being dropped in Afghanistan, is moving to Cleveland.

He confirmed the news to the Plain Dealer in a short email.

"We're moving our principal residence from Manhattan to Cleveland this summer in time for our daughter to attend sixth grade," he said. "We're keeping our Hudson River residence in Edgewater N.J., so I guess you can say we are going to be bicoastal (with Lake Erie).

"I will continue my duties as Fox News correspondent at large for the next several years and travel to World Headquarters in New York or broadcast, as I often do, from Classic Video in Broadview Heights . . . We love Cleveland, Erica's hometown, and want our daughter to have the same nurturing childhood her mom did. Her grandparents are there, so is LeBron, Cavs and the Indians."
Rivera will instantly become the second most famous mustache in Cleveland (Carl Monday) and will undoubtedly be mistaken for Super Pimp at least twice.

Do you care? Honest question. Talk it out.
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