Does a Scene reporter have a hidden agenda in the Michael Kaminski case?

What to do with a man who robs a video store with a cologne bottle?
I am very disappointed in a Denise Grollmus articles -- here's the first, here's the second -- pertaining to Michael Kaminski. She did not report as accurately as I would have imagined a "crime fighter" reporter to do. She appears to have a hidden agenda here and we would like to know what it is. Please advise. Thank you. Concerned Akron Editor's note: Denise's agenda -- if you could call it that -- isn't exactly hidden. Call it a difference in perspective between rocker world and the rest of the world. Seeing as how we have a pretty significant crime problem in these parts, you might say people are sick of it. So when you try to rob a video store -- and a clerk just trying to do his job -- you're probably not getting much sympathy. For most people, the dope addict excuse stopped working around 1962. As for suing the guy from the neighboring store who kicked the shit out of Kaminski: That dog don't hunt. Take this before any jury between Pittsburgh and the Mississippi River, and they're not just finding the guy innocent -- they're giving him a plaque and taking him to Red Lobster. He's the guy everyone wants around when something like this happens. But who cares what we think? Let's go to a higher authority, our readers: What does everyone else think?
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