Doing Her Justice

Letters Published April 2, 2008

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"Justice Maureen O'Connor says campaign money doesn't affect her," March 19

Reader passes judgment on story: I applaud Denise for this outstanding work. It took great courage and a lot of investigation to report such a groundbreaking story.

The public has often questioned the massive campaign war chests held by some elected officials. It is easier to curry favor with one "interested" donor and collect $5,000 for your campaign than solicit 200 donors for $25 each. Obviously, many corrupt officials choose the former route. Keep up the great work, Denise.

— Max M.

"Airport Director Ricky Smith was supposed to take Hopkins to new heights," March 19

Plane Truths
Better a business than the next FAA project: I usually like what Steve Loomis has to say. However, Loomis says of Ricky Smith: "He's treating the airport as a business." Really? This is a bad thing? I suppose Steve would prefer it to be run as a government entity? Now that's scary!

Tony Rinicella
West Park

"Avril Lavigne has had a bitch of a year," March 19

All About Avril
Lavigne's triumphs run the gamut: Did the author of this article actually check any of his sources before he went to print? Talk about only pointing out the worst, with little or no explanation, and leaving a deep chasm by not explaining any of the good things that happened to Avril in 2007.

What about Avril being one of the most awarded artists in the world in 2007? What about Avril being the best-selling female artist in 2007?

What about clearly stating that the song Chantal Kreviazuk was accusing Avril of stealing only shared the same title and the song was indeed written by Avril Lavigne and Evan Taubenfeld and Chantal Kreviazuk. She had to publicly retract her statements and apologize to Avril.

Saying Avril's tour is not selling well is a gross overstatement. After all, the main source of this rumor was Perez Hilton, and I just don't trust what he says, do you? Did the author of this article actually check any of his sources before he went to print? I could go on and on, but you get the point.

— Jim

"Finally, a Cleveland cure for the sneakerhead cult," March 19

A Shoo-in for Success
Sneakerheads told about the Next best thing: I think it's great that you're trying to bring attention to the Cleveland sneaker scene. We appreciate you shining some light on sneakerheads in the city.

Sorry [that] Next didn't get a chance to participate in the article. We have been trying to do our part in bringing exclusive kicks to Cleveland for some time now. If you get a chance, you should check out our newest store at Beachwood Place Mall.

Jared Petsy

"At Indie-Rock Singles Night in Cleveland, an event for hipsters lacks one key ingredient: Hipsters," March 5

Ironically Yours
Scene hipster looking for love in all the wrong places: There are plenty of ultra-skinny, black-hair-dyed hip chicks in Cleveland. But did you really expect to find them at a singles night at the Beachland? What self-respecting hipster would go to such a thing? Or self-apply a term (except ironically) as ridiculous and pompous as "hipster"?

Perhaps instead of looking for a woman who will look hot next to you at a Hot Chip concert, you should start looking for one that likes you for who you are, rather than your ultra-ironic "war on drugs" T-shirt collection. But from what I read in your article, it seems that all you are is an ultra-ironic T-shirt and record collection condensed into human form. So continue mucking around in the superficial end of the subculture tide pool.

— And

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