Don't Leave Your Phone Behind at a Crime Scene


Fun with the police blotters this afternoon from Richmond Heights.

A man employed the always ingenious ruse of lifting some merch from JC Penney only to try to return the stolen clothing to the store for cash. An employee, wise to our brilliant thief's plan, handed over a gift card for store credit (over $140), but only after alerting security guards to pick up the man on his way out.

That's when our suspect attempted to flee. Unfortunately, he dropped his phone during the getaway. And that's when this turns from a regular police blotter item into a very special one.


After calling one of the numbers in the man’s phone, police reached his mother, who identified her son as the thief.

A warrant is out for the man’s arrest. When police called the man, he said he would think about turning himself in – and call back.

Yes, please call back. I need to have a few words with my mother before I deal with you.

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