Don't Tell Residents in Opportunity Corridor That It's an Opportunity For Them

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This sign will not be in Slavic Village. Itll be closer to the Clinic.
  • This sign will not be in Slavic Village. It'll be closer to the Clinic.

Many like to tout the Opportunity Corridor's benefits by emphasizing the first half of the name: Opportunity.

Look! Look at how many more people will be coming through your neighborhood! This road is going to bring jobs!

This is what you might say to the inhabitants of Slavic Village and Kinsman and Buckeye — the areas that will be affected by the new highway that will connect the East Side to the rest of civilization — in order to sell them on the idea of paving through their neighborhoods and displacing homeowners.

And you can say those things if you want, but don't expect not to get called out by the people who live there. They're not dumb.

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