Downtown Cleveland Video Makes Downtown Cleveland Look Cool


We meant to post this earlier, but here it is for those of you who haven't seen it yet: a promo video for downtown Cleveland that actually succeeds in making downtown Cleveland look cool. What's the goal? If it's not obvious, Cleveland is hoping to get young people to live and work downtown. Preferably, dog-owning young people if you take the video literally.

Anyway, this comes just as Positively Cleveland's Cheerleader-in-Chief David Gilbert announced that a all-hands-on-deck tourism meeting will go down on November 2 at Windows on the River. The goal is to unite the various Cleveland tourism groups out there — Cle Plus, Positively Cleveland, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, CLEHipHipHooray, Be the C, Cleveland "It's not a terrible place to live," and other real and fictitious organizations — to effectively boost the number of folks flocking to the shores of Lake Erie.

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