Drew Carey Getting Yet Another TV Show

Heres to hoping he brings the big mic to the next show.
  • Here's to hoping he brings the big mic to the next show.

Native Clevelander, soccer fanatic, and "Price Is Right" hoster Drew Carey has been tabbed to host yet another TV show. The Hollywood Reporter says Carey will be at the helm of a hidden camera prank show for CBS called "WTF" — Wow, That's Funny.

"WTF" shot a pilot presentation Saturday in which Carey and a troop of comedic agents wreck havoc in public places. The project combines a hidden-camera show with flash-mob tactics as the group pulls benevolent pranks on deserving citizens.

For instance, the group transforms a late-night truck stop into a five-star restaurant for long-haulers.

With any luck, one day Drew Carey will be as famous and successful as that frosted-tip busybody Guy Fieri. (We are basing success off number of shows hosted during one calendar year, no?)

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