Dump Him in the Bin

Letters published January 21, 2004

2skinnydorks The Harp Saturday, January 17
Dump Him in the Bin
Lynching's too good for Lynch: The article "Thrill Kill" [December 10] shocked and saddened me. I am sorry for Mr. Mishne, who had to find his own daughter's body, and for JoLynn, whose life was ended while her killer's goes on without remorse.

It is obvious that we, as a society, failed Dustin Lynch. Was he ever evaluated by a psychiatrist? Was he ever helped in a positive way instead of being thrown into the juvenile system? Did anyone ever value him or give him a reason to do something other than play video games? Doubtful.

But is he a victim of any of these things? No. He didn't help himself either. There comes a point, no matter the childhood, when one needs to do that. Lynch admits to his sickness (although that's not what he calls it) and even takes pride in it. We need to stop the cycle. We should not let him write a book and become some pseudo-celebrity. We should not let him kill again. We should not even give him the lethal injection he wants.

Why, after what he's done, should a disturbed criminal be granted any of his wishes? I think we should just leave him forgotten in a cell to receive whatever fate prison life brings him. And, if there is an afterlife, he can be the first to rot in hell.

Marie Studniarz

Akron Rocks
Love that Lovedrug:
I am glad to see Jason Bracelin's article on the Akron band Lovedrug ["Soundbites," December 24]. I agree with Mr. Bracelin that they are the first band anyone should check out in 2004. I've had the pleasure of seeing them play live. They are fantastic! Both of their EPs are fitted with diverse and unique songs that rock! Move over, Cleveland bands; Akron is about to take over!

Jean Burrier

The Modells hit their mark:
I moved to San Diego from Cleveland in 2000. A friend sent me Pete Kotz's article "The Art Modell Awards" [December 24] as a New Year's update. What a great piece! You caught the essence of so much of what I remember from there (of course, every town does have its moments and its personalities).

Kotz's awards were right on the money. Congratulations for rendering an opinion so well and on target. I hope everyone at The Plain Dealer and Free Times sits up and takes notice. Articles like Scene's raise the bar on Cleveland journalism. Great job!

Patricia Beard
San Diego

Cheap Shot
Like shooting fish in a barrel:
Kudos to Congressman Sherrod Brown for tattling on his respected colleagues on Capitol Hill ("First Punch," December 31). There does seem something suspicious about the lawmakers' penchant for casting votes on controversial measures in the wee hours of the morning.

But why are you guys at Scene so ready to kick Kucinich in the groin? In an unrelated postscript to the item, Punch doesn't resist giving him a gratuitous gibe.

Dennis is simply three dozen years late with his flamboyant late-'60s idealism. In contrast to almost all the other stuffed-shirt solons, he is colorful and even entertaining.

William Dauenhauer

Dennis don't get no respect: This summer our nation experienced the worst blackout in history. As darkness spread over the Northeast and Canada, frantic speculations of blame and denial cluttered the airways.

In the midst of this storm of media spin, Congressman Dennis Kucinich took time out from his heroic uphill battle for the Democratic presidential nomination to state that his old nemesis, the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. (aka FirstEnergy Corp.), was responsible.

Immediately, Kucinich-haters and industry supporters howled about his "irresponsible and unfounded accusations" in every venue available. They branded his comments libelous, irrational, vindictive, and ambitious.

But lo and behold, all indications pointed to FirstEnergy as the primary cause. But where were all the Kucinich foes and utility cheerleaders then? Where were the media retractions and apologies for doubting the Congressman's clairvoyance?

You should all know by now that Kucinich tells the truth. You may not want to hear or admit it. Certainly, it seldom serves the vested interests of the rich and powerful. But you and they ignore it at your own peril.

So when FirstEnergy finally lies its way into restarting Davis-Besse, when its ham-fisted avarice and cost-cutting incompetence result in the eventual Chernobylesque irradiation of the Great Lakes, please spare us the anguished hand-wringing laments of astonished disbelief. Because Dennis told you so.

Craig A. Webb

Lay Off Lanigan
Hey, he's humbler now:
Memo to your staff: Stop it with the critical remarks of John Lanigan of WMJI ["First Punch," January 7]. The man said he made a mistake. He didn't hide. He came to work after the incident. He's more humble than in years past. Give him a break, and give the morning show some credit.

If you want to criticize anyone, give it to Clear Channel and Salem Communications for always shakin' up things to throw us off the track. Oh, that's right! You guys get sponsorships from them. Ooops. Gotta wash each other's butts!

Unlike the way they may think at WKNR, the truth does mean something, even if they didn't agree with WKNR management. Thanks so much, Clear Channel, for keepin' that geezer Drennan on the air. Such quality listening. Not!

Vince Alvarez

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