E-Check Might Get Easier


As a general rule, E-Check sucks, and that's not going to change, but two Ohio politicians are behind new bills that should make it suck less.

Currently, drivers have to navigate their way to one of the not-so-conveniently located E-Check stations and wait for some old dude in a jumper to plug something into your car to check the whatever levels through the doohickey. It's all very scientific.

Via WKYC, State Sen. Tim Grendell (R-Chesterland) and state Rep. Ron Young (R-Leroy Township) want to decentralize E-Check, allowing drivers to get the test done at their local mechanic shops.

"While Representative Young and I still think that E-check is a waste of time and money, unfortunately the federal government mandates some form of emissions testing. If we cannot eliminate E-check, we can make it more convenient for vehicle owners in Northeast Ohio, save the cost of gasoline incurred by driving to some out of the way centralized E-check station, and make it less expensive for the state by decentralizing E-check," Grendell said.

You, Mr. Grendell, are awarded infinite points.

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