Ed FitzGerald Is a Nerd

Pictured in a suit instead of his Zelda costume, which he only wears on weekends.
  • Pictured in a suit, instead of his Zelda costume, which he only wears on weekends.

You look for many things in a leader — expertise, composure, intelligence, a sense of humor, a calming influence during troubling times. You want a well-rounded individual, and everyone brings his/her own specialty to the table. Jimmy Dimora, for instance, could tell you every prime rib special in a three-county radius at any given time.

Ed FitzGerald, it turns out, is a nerd. Yes, an actual nerd with nerd creds. The kind of guy who knows Kit Fisto's home planet is Glee Anselm, or that "The Penguin's" real name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, or that the average height of a hobbit is 3' 6".

Well, we're assuming he knows those things, because when FitzGerald took a tour of the Avengers set to see how Cuyahoga County's money was being spent, he dropped some nerdage on The Plain Dealer.

"I'm a big fan of his work on (the television series) 'Firefly,'" he said, admitting he was not as big a fan of Whedon's work on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." "I think he was impressed that I knew he wrote the theme song to 'Firefly.'"

As the PD's Henry Gomez reminds us on Twitter, Fitz also liked "Rubicon" and "The Wire." Well done, sir. We knew you were the right man for the job.

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