Billboard bimbos; green space; Barb looking bad

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The Haunted Prison is open weekends through October; see Attractions for details. The ghost hunts run through the summer months; call 419-522-2644 or visit www.mrps.org.
Earlier this month, billboards for the new Fox series The Street invaded our charming autumn landscape with towering T&A. Moms and ministers alike called the local affiliate in disgust. The billboards -- about 30 of which were placed in neighborhoods and highways across Cleveland -- pictured a woman from the neck down wearing men's briefs and showing enough cleavage to embarrass Jennifer Lopez. Kevin Salyer, WJW-Fox 8's vice president for programming and promotions, says the local station was just as surprised as everyone else to see the billboards. He says it was part of a national promotion that drew ire in many cities, including New York. "It wasn't done by Fox Cleveland, and we acted immediately to get them down." The station only half succeeded. After hearing the complaints about the billboard bimbo, Fox Los Angeles agreed to take down only the ones stationed in neighborhoods. The billboards on the interstates still remain with a black "snipe" that covers the woman's body. But not for long. "The whole campaign's coming down everywhere," Salyer says, "due to the response."

It's not easy being green: Green space was a common battle cry at the City Club's second installment of its wildly popular "Redeveloping Cleveland" series. The October 11 "On the Waterfront: Shoring Up Our Future" gabfest focused on the need to create more public access to the lakefront. For certain members of the panel, this would not involve Ferris wheels. Leave it to City Council President Michael Polensek to get straight to the point, scoffing at the notion of modeling Cleveland's waterfront after Chicago's Navy Pier. The real appeal of the Windy City's lakeshore lies in its green space, he insisted. Of course, he did note, "I've never been to Chicago, but I've seen pictures."

From the We Have No Idea What This Means Dept.: According to Mickey Porter's people column in the October 17 Beacon Journal, Barbara Walters has signed a new deal with ABC. A mug shot accompanied the blurb. Either Soft Focus Barb needs to visit her electrologist or a picture of San Diego Padres manager Bruce Bochy was inserted by mistake.

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