Editor's Note: We apologize for the previous post

Most experienced outdoorsmen know that beer makes you shoot better
Dear Reader: Please accept our deepest apologies for the previous post. Normally, company policy precludes allowing anyone who drinks Miller Lite from weighing on such matters of import as guns and liquor. However, the night watchman apparently fell asleep and failed to be vigilant in his service. Naturally, he's been transferred to management. To clarify our official corporate position: Yes, guns and beer go very well together. If you're out deer hunting before dawn, chances are you're already back at the shack by noon, or maybe stuck field dressing a buck. As experienced hunters know, this gets to sucking. And when things suck, they always suck a little less with beer -- especially when you're heavily armed with guns and boning knives. That's just common sense. Thank you for your patience. The Management
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