Effeminate Seattle guy calls Cleveland a "bullshit town"

The Tribe's doubleheader with Seattle has been canceled
I was awoken yesterday by a text message from a friend in Seattle, who wanted to know if the Mariners and Indians were likely to get in their game. I took one look out my window, saw a snow drift the size of Maryland parked atop my car, and texted him back: "Not a chance." A few minutes ago, my friend, who apparently has nothing better to do, sent me another text: "Baseball?" I thought 'yes,' but then got an email from the Indians. Apparently the entire Mariners' series — today's double header included -- has been cancelled, due to the fact that Mother Nature feels like flicking the Rust Belt's ear for a few day's longer. Now the league has moved the Indians' series against the Angels, set to start tomorrow, to Milwaukee. Because, you know, the weather in Milwaukee is just dandy. So, I texted my friend back: "No baseball." He responded: "Bullshit town." Coming from a guy from Seattle — where their claim to fame is the invention of the $4 cup of coffee and the phrase "that's totally inappropriate" -- I'm not sure how to take this. — Joe P. Tone
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