Elaine Presser Returns Rambling Fire

Turns out that Elaine Presser not only has a problem with a few of things we wrote about her back in March, but she also isn’t too happy with what her accomplice Leonard Goldberg had to say about her in this week’s First Punch either: “This is Elaine Presser calling, and I had picked up the Scene magazine and I read about what Leonard Goldberg had to say about me, and I have proof that that all is nothing but a lie. The guy is living out of his car, he goes to temples every single day. I could tell you every temple he goes to. He goes to temples, and scams the temples, and he doesn’t really have lymphoma or intestinal cancer. They got it out. That happened over five years ago, and he doesn’t have it anymore. I’ve read his medical papers. “And he goes out to Erie, P.A. and collects food stamps out there and also he collects here in Ohio in Lake County and he’s nothing but a liar. I’m very clean and sober, my husband is a very sober person, and [Goldberg’s] collecting SSI, and in the meantime, he’s also going to all these churches and he is still going. He goes to the temple Eisenberg on Lander Road. He just went there the other day. He just goes all over the place and scams people. “He’s the one who told me – when I went to go look for a job and that’s how it all started – he’s the one that told me that you could get money from churches for help. What he is telling you is nothing but a lie. I have proof that he is still going to churches and temples. He is nothing but a liar and I’m just letting you know. “I was never a heroin addict for twenty years, I’ve never had an RC Cola in my life. And as far as my kids are concerned – you say that I don’t know where they are and don’t care about them – I know where all three of my kids are. I’m very, very, very, very close to my kids and I happen to be a grandmother for the first time and I’m a good person and my sister is a grandmother as well. “And Leonard has a way of scamming and he has a Yamika. If you were to look in his car right now, you’d find a powder blue Yamika and he puts it on and runs into the temple. And, yes, he lives in car and shaves in his car and he never showers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him take a shower. And, in the article, you would say that I would call up my good friend Lenny – I met Lenny through my sister Rosie. She’s known him for 24 years, and when I had a home, I would not allow Lenny to come onto our property because he sues people all the time. He had three lawsuit settlements this year. O.K., I hope you got this message. Have a great evening. Bye.” – Denise Grollmus
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