Envelopes Full of Cash Help Jimmy Dimora Deal With Grief

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Seen here during happier, beardier times.
  • Seen here during happier, beardier times.

If the father of someone you know dies, sending flowers is a nice thing to do. In lieu of flowers, a donation to one of their the deceased's favorite charities might be in order. For the grieving, you might take them a casserole or a veggie plate.

When Jimmy Dimora's dad died, however, it was not flowers or food or charitable donations he was looking for. Via the PD's coverage of today's action at the Dimora trial:

When J. Kevin Kelley asked what he could bring to the wake of fomer Cuyahoga County Commisioner Jimmy Dimora's father, Michael Gabor didn't suggest food or flowers, according to testimony this morning in Dimora's federal racketeering trial .

"Listen, listen Jim said bring an envelope," Dimora's friend Gabor told Kelley in a secretly recorded conversation played for jurors.

"Hey, What's new?" replied Kelley, who at the time was working for the county.

As if you needed another reason to think that the guy was a scumbag.

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