EPA Declares It's Safe to Eat Fish Caught Out of Cuyahoga River, If It's Once a Month

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EPA Declares It's Safe to Eat Fish Caught Out of Cuyahoga River, If It's Once a Month
Photo via Sam Allard
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has proclaimed that fish caught in the Cuyahoga River are now safe to eat.

The announcement is a year or so in the making, as the Ohio EPA previously requested that the federal EPA lift their restrictions after fish tissue samples showed significant health improvements. The U.S. EPA acquiesced and eased restrictions on fishing from the Gorge Dam to Lake Erie.

The EPA now recommends that if you catch fish in that area, only consume in accordance with general state guidelines, which essentially suggests one meal per month.

“This is an example of the progress that can be achieved when you collaborate and dedicate resources to improving the quality of water in our state,” Gov. Mike DeWine said in a statement. “We need to continue to invest in our water resources so that we can see additional improvements.” Although incredibly pro-environment on this issue, DeWine is also vocally pro-fracking and has dodged questions on climate change.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the last Cuyahoga River fire, which Sustainable Cleveland is celebrating with events like "More Green, Less White: Diversity in the Environmental Movement" and the Water Lantern Festival. (Their motto? "Celebrating our river, igniting our future." The cheekiness is noted, and appreciated.)

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