ESPN Geek Questions Cavs

ESPN: We won't know if the Cavs are real till they head west to take on the likes of Alllen Iverson
If the Cavs should resolve anything this new year, it's to get Eric Snow more involved in the offense. The guy's scoring like a rookie benchwarmer on starter minutes. But if there's room for one more thing, it should be to shut up John Hollinger. In his column Wednesday, Hollinger, ESPN's pro-hoops stats geek, rates our boys "merely average" at the season's quarter turn. He says the Cavs have been feasting on patsies and that they're really worse than their record. Unfortunately, you can't read the column unless you've got a subscription to ESPN's pricey Insider service; but C-Notes bums smokes off a guy who bums passwords off another. So we hopped a link in the bum chain and lifted the only paragraph you need to read before the geekspeak gives you a headache:
"Of Cleveland's 26 games, 16 have been played against teams with losing records, and there's a huge disparity by conference as well. Only seven of the Cavs' first 26 games have been against the vastly superior Western Conference, including only one against the five West teams with the best records. Additionally, 15 of the 26 contests have been at home."
Hollinger says all that crap means the Cavs have played the league's second-easiest schedule. And he says that next month's seven-game West Coast swing — which includes stops in Sacramento and Phoenix and a tilt against the new, Allen Iverson-led Denver Nuggets — could prove a "huge reality check." Sure, he's smart. But he's bald, too. And anybody that's telling you to bet the Memphis Grizzlies will win more games this season than the Cavs deserves the extra forehead. — Jason Nedley
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