Euclid City Council Should Repay that Blown $600,000

Euclid's election system is biased, a federal judge ruled last week. No black person has ever been elected to Euclid's city council or school board, though the city's expanding black population tops 30 percent. The council consists of four ward seats and a president and four at-large members who run citywide. Voters fill the at-large seats individually, rather than candidates being pooled and taking the top finishers. Mayor Bill Cervenik, who urged a settlement AND NOTED THAT THE CITY HAS SPENT $600,000 ON THIS CASE (WOW!), said his efforts were blocked by the council president and it's members. He also said, "Taking this to trial instead of settling was not only irresponsible on council's part but reckless maintenance of taxpayers' dollars." I don't understand why every city councilmember shouldn't be recalled and held accountable for spending that amount of money on a losing case. They should have to kick in all of their salaries, benefits and personal savings as punitive damages for wasting an already poor city's money. The 'at-large' councilman I know has been a part of wasting many more tax dollars than that. The police have been to my house five times this year because of loud music. When the police arrive, they say they can barely hear it, just a councilman's' wife trying to run me out of my own home. I am so sick of ALL politicians who have no problem spending all this money, then have the balls to ask for tax increases to make up for their poor decisions. Someone should be held accountable, just as I would be if I spent someone else's money without thinking. D Rail Euclid
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