Every Car Looks Like a Cab When You're Drunk

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It's last call on a busy weekend. The flood of tipsy loud drinkers pours out of the bar. No one can drive, and you're doing the responsible thing: catching a cab.

But where's a cab? Did someone call for one? Do they just come down this street at all? Hey, look, there's a cab. Oh, not a cab. Whoops. Well, let's get in anyway.

It's an, um, understandable mistake.

Via the Lakewood police blotter over at Cleveland.com:

DISTURBANCE, WEST 117TH STREET: A group of intoxicated people tried to get into a woman’s car while she was waiting at a red light April 15.

They thought her blue car was a taxi.

When the taxi arrived, they got in. Soon enough, they were kicked out for being rambunctious.

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