Exposed Breast Leads to Fight in Lorain

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Did Lorain make it through the weekend uneventfully and without handcuffs? No, no it did not. We know this surprises you.

According to the Chronicle Telegram, in the wee AM hours of Saturday there was an incident involving a breast at Chrystal Rock Bar that led to a melee.

Now, this is Lorain we're talking about here. They like to let loose, imbibe, forget about the daily pressures of work, family, and living in Lorain. They like to dress up and hit the town, putting on their slinkiest, sexiest outfits, showing everyone what they got. Unfortunately, mix the two together, and sometimes a bit of flesh here or a random breast there sees the light of day when it shouldn't.

According to the police report, 35-year-old Lisa Serrano was "either unaware or unconcerned that one of her breasts was hanging out of her shirt.” Somehow this bothered somebody, though we're not sure how. Apparently an eyewitness at the scene said that a woman saw Serrano's exposed breast and remarked, "Classy." Which is itself, a really classy thing to say.

31-year-old Shannon Johnson was found in the street with minor injuries, but no word on if he was on the pro-breast or anti-breast side of the argument. Serrano also sustained minor injuries. It's unclear from the report what happened between the Janet Jackson moment and when police arrived, but the lesson is here is that everyone should be either more aware or concerned about having a Girls Gone Wild incident in Lorain.

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