Female Hate Mail?

Letters published February 27, 2008

Blame the (blank)! Emo the sporting life racism

"Dead Wrong," First Punch, February 20

Reader thinks writer has a thing against women: It would appear that the person writing this article formed their own opinion of Lisa Emling. Let me guess: It's a man?

If I was Emling, I would sue Scene for slander. You have no idea what she thinks or how she feels. Did your last girlfriend break your heart, so you decided to take it out on Emling? My advice to anyone reading Scene is not to believe anything they write, because I know this article is incorrect.


Girls will be girls, but boys will be accountable: I [was] next to Lisa Emling at the funeral home. She was doing nothing wrong, but listening to a service that a priest was giving, when Casey Kensinger decided to hand her the note. This did not make our friends and family happy to hear that this stuff was going on in their time of grief.

A funeral home is nothing more than a rented space, with the director and the other attendants being kind of your employees for the time that you pay a butt-load of money. So is it appropriate for the director to hand notes, slam doors, and call the police to escort someone out?

I think that Mr. Kensinger acted on his emotions and left all the professionalism behind him. Also, why would he need a restraining order from a girl who is about 5 foot 3? Yes, Lisa may have acted on emotions with the e-mails she sent, but girls do those kind of things when they find out they are not the only one in their man's life.


"Derek Anderson Pro Bowl-bound. But in Cleveland, that might not be enough," C-Notes, February 6

Playing by the Numbers
Stats don't add up for Anderson: Hey, get a clue. Maybe Cleveland fans don't want to settle for a QB who just doesn't completely suck. Maybe we want a guy leading us who can sustain enough consistency over a three- or four-game stretch to win us a Super Bowl? That's the goal, isn't it?

Ten-win seasons mean hardly more than six-win seasons, when you don't even get a crack at the playoffs. Do we know Quinn is that QB I'm talking about? No. But we know Anderson is not.

Look at the stats, if your eyes deceived you when you watched him the last half of the season. He was less than average numbers-wise in the last eight games. When Quinn proves to be the better QB in 10 years, make sure you reference this post.

The Natural Mevs

"Simple Plan," February 20

Over Emo-tional
Up in arms about downer review: Who are you? Seriously? It's only people who don't know shit at all that call something emo, only to put them under a certain category and not have to deal with what it really is.

What made you even decide to call them emo? Read up on what the hell you are doing before you write your opinion. I can't even be constructive here, because that review was just seriously pathetic. Get over yourself.

Linda Johansson
Stockholm, Sweden

But we lost our reading glasses ages ago: I'm impressed how little knowledge it takes to review something. Emo is overrated, and it's hilarious to see how people who know nothing (like you) label anything as emo.

Simple Plan has never been emo, and it would suit your review if you got your facts straight before writing it. Next time you review something you obviously don't like, would you at least do yourself a favor and read up on things before you write?

Nadia Bjerregaard
Roskilde, Denmark

A Change of Scene
Less pulp, more filling? I understand you removed your magazine completely out of the Canton area this week. Why? Did you write something about this area that got people upset with you? What happened? A lot of us miss your magazine.

H.D. Friedman

Editor's note: Sorry, H.D., but our departure from Canton wasn't due to anything but economics. Due to rising paper costs, we had to pull back our circulation from our most distant coverage areas, meaning Canton. But you can still read everything in the paper version, as well as our daily C-Notes stories, at www.clevescene.com.

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