Fine Job

Letters published October 22, 2003

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Fine Job
Nomenclature notwithstanding: I am an administrator for the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department. I just finished David Martin's excellent article on the blackout, "Brother, Can You Spare a Match?" [October 8]. One note, however: Martin wrote that "Sheriff's deputies maintained control of 1,900 inmates in the jail." While we are proud of the work our deputies did that day, the jail, in fact, is staffed by more than 600 corrections officers, corporals, and sergeants, not deputies, and they are the men and women who performed at the highest level under extremely difficult conditions.

Christopher Russ

Tim Says Rah
Twinkle, twinkle, TV star: I am deeply honored to be recognized in your Best of Cleveland issue [September 17]. I lend my bland voice to cheer the role Scene plays in our town. And I get a twinkle in my eye when I recall that I can get the paper for free!

Tim White

Creeped Out
Maybe they just look like grownups: I just wanted to thank Sarah Fenske for "Big Game Hunters" [October 1]. It really shocked me. I knew there were some real creeps out there, but I couldn't believe this.

Speaking as someone they would call a porker, it makes me sick. You should interview the overweight people. I for one never asked to be large. I weigh over 200 pounds. I've been overweight since age six. I lost some weight, but gained some back because of diabetes.

If you ask any overweight people, they would tell you they'd give anything to be thin. People think it's something you can control, that you just eat too much, but that's not always the case. I've cried myself to sleep many a night, because of being made fun of because of my weight. Kids don't know better, but these guys are supposed to be adults.

Cathy Wigton
Mt. Gilead, OH

Same species, different class: Thanks for the illuminating article. It's guys like your subjects that make men seem like a bad idea. I'm ashamed we're of the same species, let alone gender.

V.S. Dobbs
Toronto, Ontario

So much for public-service messages: I have to say I'm completely shocked by Sarah Fenske's piece on "hogging." That you're a woman makes my shock complete. How can you allow yourself to be used by men whose sole objective is to exploit other women? Quotes like "She was a little porker, and I violated her every way" -- what does that add to the public discourse? You are a party in the abuse of these women. Shame on you.

Cynthia Skow
San Francisco, CA

And that kind would be . . . : So where is Scene's article about men chasing "niggers," "Chinks," "dirty Mexicans," "retards," "big-nose Jews," "Polacks," "dirty dykes," "fudge-packers," and any other disgusting stereotyping word? If you are going to throw all journalistic integrity out the window and refer to women as "hogs," "pigs," and "whales," make sure you are willing to insult your own kind too.

Stacey Harris
Lawrenceburg , TN

Outing the predators pissed off the nonprey: I find "Big Game Hunters" totally offensive to the big, beautiful women of the world. I am a strong supporter of size acceptance in Atlanta and think this type of publicity is childish, immature, and totally discriminatory.

Beauty is not about size. It's about how you feel about yourself. There will always be rude, obnoxious, and selfish individuals who think they are better than others. I am a brilliant, beautiful, and voluptuous woman in my mid-40s. I love every ounce of my body and couldn't care less what others feel. I am by far not easy and consider myself to be much more selective than some of the no-brained, skinny, egotistical airheads who think they're all that.

Why don't you do an article about some of us big, beautiful women who have high self-esteem and who are not stereotyped as easy prey?

Gay Wade
Rome, GA

Not this editor: I just read Sarah Fenske's story on the frat boys who like to nail overweight women, but are afraid to admit it. Has anyone pointed out that your story doesn't have much credibility? You quote a bunch of men, but don't use their last names. The only last name you do use is of the radio personality.

I work in media, and if one of my reporters turned in a story like this, there is no way I would let it run. No last names? Are you serious? Your story has no cred whatsoever. Honestly, it kind of sucks. Your editor should be embarrassed. You might want to consider putting a little more legwork and integrity into the copy on which you attach your name.

John Moore
Detroit, MI

So that's the magic number: Why would any intelligent person waste time and talent writing about something as morally inane as "hogging"? I have read other pieces by Sarah Fenske and have enjoyed her stories. This, however, was a piece of trash.

These "boys" are disgusting in what they do and the way they think about women. You gave them an audience. Is there nothing else to write about in Cleveland? You did any woman over 140 pounds a serious injustice with this article. Shame on you.

Terrilynn Jacobs
Niagara Falls, NY

You kill more flies with honey: I read Sarah Fenske's article and have a couple of questions: What size woman are you? Did you ever show disgust toward the men in this article?

I am a big, blonde, beautiful, brainy woman. There are many men who seek the voluptuous woman. The men in Fenske's article aren't the kind any woman should want. I don't know how the wife/mother to that father/son combo could put up with either of them. The men mentioned in this article wouldn't get past hello with me.

Derona Gay
Asheville, NC

Homo porcinus crosses the line: It's sad that Sarah Fenske encountered these jerks, who obviously have no morals or values. Anyone who would use another person so cruelly and in such a demeaning manner needs therapy. As a proud, big, beautiful woman of 344 pounds, I can say that I have enough self-esteem to spot jerks like this. Yes, we live in a sick society that measures and values people by their looks and weight. But these men have crossed way over the line of inhumanity. How sad.

Elaine Jones
Chicago, IL

Another magic number: Sarah Fenske's article on "hogging" was disgusting. The men you interviewed don't deserve girlfriends or wives.

There are a number of men who actually prefer to be with women on the plus side. My ideal woman is about 150-165 pounds, with childbearing hips and all the other bells and whistles that full-figured girls have -- and skinny girls don't.

Brendan Skwire
Philadelphia, PA

BBWV is AOK: "Big Game Hunters" truly makes me sick! Not all fat girls are easy. I am 22 years old and still a virgin, and it's not because I can't get laid. It's because I choose to be. Also, there are lots of guys out there who like big, beautiful women, and not just for sex.

Kristin Kitchens
Athens, GA

Somebody missed the target: It is unclear to me what could have caused anyone to write "Big Game Hunters." While I have no doubt that vile, imbecilic abusers such as this exist, I am not sure publishing those truly mean depictions of plus-size women was necessary in a society that seems to view fat people as one of the last minorities that can safely be ridiculed.

It was equally a slap in the face to all those men who love and appreciate a plus-size partner. Despicable men do exist, but was this article, with the hurt it brings to fat women, really necessary?

Conrad Blickenstorfer
Folsom, CA

Sticks and stones . . . : What a tasteless, boring article. It's one thing to report on someone's childish behavior, but it's another to adopt the lingo, as you did with the word "hog."

Sarah Fenske's article made it pretty clear that the guys are losers, regardless of whom they have sex with. Not a surprise that such an attitude would be passed from father to son. There must not be much of a scene in Cleveland, if this is the best story you could come up with!

Cynthia Pohlman
San Francisco, CA

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