First MLB Player to Tweet During a Game?... Now With 100% More Fake Kerry Wood Tweets!


Shaq twittered at halftime of a game, as did Charlie Villanueva. Members of the women's professional soccer league twittered live during their inaugural game. As Opening Day approaches, I have to wonder who will be the first player to twitter a home run. Will players be allowed to tweet during games?

Who the hell knows which players a) Know what Twitter is, b) Are on Twitter themselves, or c) Are actually the ones beyond their accounts. CC's got Twitter, but it isn't updated frequently. Nick Swisher has one that a ton of people follow also. I'm sure there's plenty more, but that's just off the top of my head.

If Milton Bradley was on Twitter, my money would be on him to be the first to tweet mid-game, probably while in the outfield and during which he probably would miss a fly ball.

The bullpen guys are probably where your money should go though. Huge amounts of down time. Bubble gum on the hat routine has to get old after awhile. Did I mention huge amounts of down time already? Did I mention how happy it would make this guy?

Just imagine:

kerrywoodWahoo: sitting

kerrywoodWahoo: still sitting

kerrywoodWahoo: when carl pavano's arm flies off, i just hope it doesn't hit anyone in the head

kerrywoodWahoo: if it does fly off, i think i'm safe out here in the bullpen

kerrywoodWahoo: i've had 2,546 surgeries on my arm and still throw faster than borowski, worship me Cleveland!

kerrywoodWahoo: uhoh, winning, time to get ready

kerrywoodWahoo: nevermind, Masa just let up the tying runs

kerrywoodWahoo: i have a magnificent goatee

kerrywoodWahoo: switching seats, Jensen smells today

kerrywoodWahoo: home run! gotta go!

kerrywoodWahoo: time to go fuck 'em up and make Rick Vaughn seem like a pussycat

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