Five 'Anarchists' Arrested for Trying to Blow Up a Bridge in Brecksville (Updated)

Update III: The mugshots of the five fellas are over at Patch, if you're into shaggy looking dudes.


Update II: The affidavit can be found here. In it, you can read all about the anarchists' love of The Anarchist Cookbook, their designs on targeting the Justice Center, the Veterans Memorial Bridge, and the signs on a bunch of banks downtown.

It seems things got turned toward violence planning after members of the group noticed a distinct lack of violence at an Occupy Cleveland protest.


Update: More info coming, including names, but here's one quote from someone who claims to know how this operation went down: "Guess the FBI sold them defective bombs and watched them try to blow it up from a nearby Applebee's."

Hopefully they dubbed this Operation 2 for 20.


Weird morning, Cleveland.

Fox News was first to report that five people were arrested Monday in a park because they had designs on blowing up a bridge in Brecksville.

The public was never in danger from the explosive devices, which were inoperable and controlled by an undercover FBI employee, according to sources close to the investigation.

Charges were filed against the defendants Tuesday morning in Cleveland. Court documents say three of the suspects are self-proclaimed anarchists who formed a small group and considered a series of plots over several months.

A press conference is going on right now. We'll bring you more fabulous details of the inept anarchists as they emerge.

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