Five Things to Know About the NCAA Tournament in Cleveland (list) (photo) (links) (content) (words) (best of the beat) (poll)

This is apparently something people do. Let us help.

1. The NCAA tournament, while similar in nature to the infamous Rock 'n' Jock celebrity basketball game coordinated by MTV, is not the same thing. 

2. Quicken Loans Arena is a building. There are seats inside. Also, multiple hallways. Probably even a toilet or two. It's kind of hard to find. Its address is One Center Court, Cleveland. One Yelp reviewer says, "As far as concerts, i don't relish going there for that unless it's my only option to see someone. That Monkees reunion tour i dream about might pack them in." The NCAA tournament does not include a performance by the Monkees.

3. The Cleveland Basketball Cavaliers were once rumored to be interested in NCAA Basketball Coach John Calipari's services. John Calipari reads books. Among his favorites: Tip and the Gipper; When Politics Worked.

4. There are debates on whether a hot dog is considered a sandwich. Hot dogs may be purchased from places inside Quicken Loans Arena in exchange for American currency. Here are the official rules for eating hot dogs.

5. Jay Guidinger never played at Quicken Loans Arena. He did once play college basketball, but played in the NAIA Men's Basketball Championship, not the NCAA tournament.

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