Food Network Bringing Sandwich to Progressive Field Concessions This Season


If peanuts and hot dogs are just too good for your refined palate, take comfort, Tribe fans — the Food Network is bringing a fancy super sandwich to Progressive Field this season.

Eight ballparks will be blessed with the "Red, White & Blue steak sandwich," a special recipe created in the top-secret kitchen labs at Food Network headquarters in New York. CNBC reports it will feature "Maytag blue cheese and sweet and spicy Peppadew-pepper mayonnaise on a French demi baguette."

Michael Baru, the network's director of new business, said the sandwiches will have branded tissue paper, branded napkins and network show slogans, but fans won't be slammed with constant messaging. "The ballgame is the show," Baru said. "We want to feed people good food and have them simply associate our brand with that experience."

Translation: there are limits to bludgeoning consumers over the head with too much branding, so the mayo on the sandwich will not spell out "Food Network."

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