Footprints in Snow Lead to Arrest


Word to the wise, or not-so-wise, out there: keep your mischievous, probably illegal activities relegated to snowless times of the winter, would ya? We're just lookin' out for you, because it seems when there's fluffy stuff on the ground, you're more susceptible than normal to being tracked down and caught for your nickel-and-dime crimes.

Evidence? There's plenty of it over the years. Criminals go wandering around only to leave tracks in the powder for cops to eventually follow.

And it happened again. Numb-nuts.

Via the ABJ:

Jay Joseph Nagy, 37, of Akron, was arrested on charges of theft, receiving stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon, having a weapon illegally, identity fraud, misrepresenting identity, possession of criminal tools and criminal mischief.

Police said they were sent Sunday to the 200 block of Dennison Avenue for a report of someone breaking into a car. Officers noticed shoe prints left in the snow and followed the path to the 3000 block of Forest Park Boulevard, where they say Nagy was going through a cup holder of another car.

There was no second set of prints in the snow because Nagy was carrying Jesus, or something like that.

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