For Just $500 You and 20 Friends Can Try to Pull a 737 at Hopkins

Invite 20 friends to help you, or just call this guy.
  • Invite 20 friends to help you, or just call this guy.

Ever fancied yourself a strong man? Ever watch the strong man competitions on ESPN and say to yourself, "I could totally pull five Hummers down the road with my teeth," or, "I could toss those full kegs of beer with my pinky,"?

Well, Hopkins wants to give you a chance to do something similar, but Hopkins also knows that you're a weakling who gets tired walking up the stairs. The challenge: Pull a 737. But not solo, even though it'd be hilarious to watch you tear some knee ligaments and give yourself a hernia. No, Hopkins wants you to have some help from your friends. That's one requirement, having friends, the other is $500.

On June 27, 2010, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will host the first Special Olympics Ohio Plane Pull! As part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run's efforts to raise money for Special Olympics Ohio, a Plane Pull fundraiser will test your strength while raising money to support Special Olympics Ohio’s athletes.

Teams of about 20 members will see who can pull a Boeing 737 down the runway the fastest (12ft)! Teams may be men’s, mixed, or women, but each team is asked to provide a minimum $500 donation to Special Olympics Ohio. Check-In and Registration start at 8:00am with the first pull around 10:00am.

Registration online until June 25th or prior to the event on June 27th

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