Former Cleveland Heights-University Heights Superintendent Tapped for the Big Time

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Deborah Delisle
  • Deborah Delisle

When former superintendent Deborah Dilisle departed the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school district after she was appointed state superintendent by Governor Ted Strickland in 2008, the city was sad to see her go but cheered that the popular and respected administrator would be able to use her knowledge and skills to benefit the entire state.

Her departure from the state post was unceremonious and contentious, coming shortly after John Kasich replaced Strickland. First the Kasich administration found an obscure technicality to oust state school board member Martha Harris of Cleveland Heights who likely would have supported Delisle, tipping the board in Kasich's favor. Then members of the governor's staff let Delisle know that if she did not step down she would be fired. She tearfully submitted her resignation last March.

Now she’s tentatively landed an even higher-profile position. Today the White House announced that President Obama has appointed Delisle assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education. We say “tentatively” because she’s got to be confirmed by the Senate first, and we’ve seen how that can go. — Anastasia Pantsios

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