Former Navy SEAL and Auto Dealership Spokesman Lied About Shooting Circumstances, Chase

You all probably remember the unbelievable true story of Christopher Heben, the former U.S. Navy SEAL who, back in late March, was in the Mustard Seed parking lot in Bath Township when he had a run-in with a driver that nearly hit him and then screamed obscenities in his direction. That's not the unbelievable part. That comes after Heben came back to the parking lot to retrieve his wallet from the car before going back into the store when the same driver shoots him in the stomach. Holy crap! That's crazy.

But wait, there's more. Heben plugs the wound himself, hops in his car, and goes in pursuit of the shooter and two other suspects before detouring to the Bath Fire Department for medical treatment. He'd end up at Akron General, posting pictures to his Facebook page and doing interviews with Channel 5 and the Beacon Journal and everyone else. What a story! Random violence in a suburbs and the perfect hero. From New York to London, his tale was told.

Oh, and the media had no shortage of opportunities to talk to Heben. 

A few weeks before the shooting, emails starting pouring out from Robert Goldfarb and C. Peter Cimoroni of Razor Marketing. Heben was a new client and a spokesman for the Montrose Auto Group and oh golly was he one of those honest American boys you could get behind.

Here's one email we received back on March 19.

Thought you might be interested in a short interview with a national hero: The Montrose Auto Group has hired a national hero as their spokesperson. Imagine having this man on your side…After battling the enemy for hours in Africa, the Navy SEALs were victorious. Chris’ opponent was severely wounded. What does Chris do? He saves the enemy’s life.

Immediately following the termination of Osama Bin Laden, Chris emerged as the media's most sought after Special Operations subject matter expert, appearing in hundreds of interviews on over-the-air television, cable news networks, and radio networks such as NPR; providing expertise and relevance on a variety of topics relating to the special operations community. C

Due to his many favorable on-air appearances and growing popularity, Chris was heavily featured in the Discovery Channel’s specials, Secrets of SEAL Team Six (June 2011) and Inside Bin Laden’s Lair (August 2012), the History Channel’s America’s Book of Secrets: Black Op’s (April 2013), and the United Kingdom’s Channel 4 documentary; Wikileaks, Secrets and Lies: The Julian Assange Story.

As a Navy SEAL, Chris served in combat and conflict for 15 years, closer to death than anyone can possibly imagine…risking life and limb in well over 200 missions; in the world’s most volatile regions. Ask Chris why? "Because I am a patriot!"

This remarkable, local, SEAL is now available for interviews, corporate speaking engagements, motivational seminars and product endorsements. 
A few days after the shooting, Razor marketing passed along a first-person press release with Heben's own account of what happened. It seemed there were already details that didn't mesh with his story and he wanted a chance to clarify exactly what went down in that parking lot once and for all.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 2, 2014 – Akron, OH: On Friday, March 28that approximately 1720 hours, I was shot during a verbal altercation in the retail parking lot near the intersection of Medina and Cleveland-Massillon Roads. During my subsequent hospitalization I was made aware of conflicting stories circulating throughout the news media, the Internet, and even among my inner circle of friends and contacts. I would like to take this opportunity to accurately recount the facts of the incident in an attempt to set the record straight and, hopefully, to bring those responsible for this act to justice.

As I made my way from my vehicle to the Mustard Seed restaurant, a vehicle nearly reversed into me, in what I perceived to be a random and non-calculated manner. I was taken by surprise but, by moving fast, I was able to avoid being struck. My immediate reaction was to verbalize my displeasure to the driver. In very calm, clear and stern manner, I informed him that he nearly struck me with his vehicle. As you may imagine, he also had some choice words, to the contrary, for me.

I established that there were two, possibly three, individuals in the vehicle. After saying my peace, I continued towards the store, as I recognized that this was not a situation that required further incident. After 10 or 12 steps, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet in my car. I returned to my vehicle, retrieved my wallet and within moments of heading back to the store, I was approached for a second time by the same vehicle.

The driver-side occupant, still seated behind a semi-closed and tinted window, confronted me with a verbal challenge. I responded, and at that very moment I felt like I was struck with something or that I was 'kicked' in the abdomen. As it turns out, one of the occupants of the vehicle had shot me through the door of the vehicle. At that point, the vehicle then fled the scene.

Fueled by a rush of adrenaline, I made my way back to my truck and pursued their vehicle. I did this until I came to the visual realization that I was bleeding from my stomach. I knew I was bleeding internally, as well, as I began to feel intense symptoms of shock. At that point, I broke off the chase and headed directly to the Bath Fire Department, who took tremendous initial care of my injury, and have since outlined these same details to the Bath Police Department. Bath PD are currently investigating this incident.

I want to extend much gratitude and many thanks to the wonderful staff at Akron General Hospital. Through intake into their Level 1 Trauma Center, I was quickly ushered to the CT scanner and promptly taken for emergency surgery, to remove a projectile from my abdomen. My abdomen was surgically repaired by the Chief trauma surgeon on staff. I am thankful for his abilities and for the fact that he was there. I also wish to thank all those who cared for me on the Trauma floor there as well as all who have extended their support to me via Facebook, phone calls, emails and texts.

Best regards,

A week later, on April 10, Razor Marketing got back in touch with a personal note to let us know how Chris Heben and his gunshot wound and Montrose Auto Group and its new No Customer Left Behind ad campaign would be worthy of media attention.

Dear Vince:

His recent shooting posted him all over the news the past two weeks. Now…this is what we were supposed to promote!

We do hope this generates interest in further discussion.

C. Peter Cimoroni
Chairman & CEO, Razor Marketing
The following was the press release attached to that dynamic pitch.


U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Heben Leads Operation to Ensure No Customer Left Behind

Fairlawn, OH —- Michael W. Thompson, Founder and CEO of the Montrose Auto Group featuring 12 manufacturer brands at thirteen locations throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, has green-lighted a mission to promote his regional group of automotive dealerships with the support of U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Mark Heben.

Thompson, a retired Army veteran with experience in Vietnam, enlisted the former Navy SEAL, whose tours of duty included operations in Iraq, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, in order to promote the patriotic themes of growth and prosperity in today’s often unsettling climate. Heben, from Northeast Ohio, together with Thompson share an undying patriotism for their home and for America.

Following the termination of Osama Bin Laden, Chris emerged as the national media’s most featured special operations subject matter expert, appearing in hundreds of interviews on over-the-air television, cable news networks, and national and regional radio networks including NPR, providing expertise and relevance on a variety of topics relating to the special operations community.

Coinciding with the launch of spring and capitalizing on the high demand for quality and affordable automobiles as witnessed at this year’s Cleveland Auto Show, Thompson and Heben will unveil a broadcast and digital marketing campaign featuring the U.S. Navy SEAL as the new spokesperson for the Montrose Auto Group, with an enduring message of “No Customer Left Behind,” through traditional media including television, print and digital marketing outlets.

The Montrose Auto Group features highly trained, manufacturer certified sales and service personnel, and works with a variety of local, regional and national lenders to provide financing solutions for every conceivable situation. Now featuring U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Heben, you’ve now got a NEW friend at Montrose!

The Montrose Auto Group features 12 brands at thirteen locations throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Our mission at the Montrose Auto Group is to be the best in every aspect of our business by providing unparalleled customer service through our professional and courteous sales and service associates, while supporting the community that we work and live in. And Remember, “You’ve Got a Friend at Montrose!” For more information on the Montrose Auto Group please visit

Upon leaving active duty with the United States Navy SEALS, Chris Heben performed duties as a Special Operations Team Leader for a private military contractor in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Al Qaeda in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb operations. Through these initiatives, Chris helped to establish and enforce US foreign policy. Chris remains an active member of the US Special Operations community.

Chris Heben is an internationally recognized public speaker and continues to pursue his passion for the creative arts in the form of television and film acting, song writing, singing performances and voice acting. Today, he is the official voice for Under Armour’s new hunting TV show, Ridge Reaper, and co-star of Animal Planet’s Ivory Wars. Chris is currently hard at work promoting his debut album, The Patriot Project, and is legendary in international circles for his motivational speaking engagements. Chris is working on an autobiography entitled “Undaunted” in the hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dreams. For more information on Christopher Mark Heben please visit
All caught up?


Because Heben, according to Bath Township police, was lying. Oh, he might have been shot, and something was removed from his stomach wound, but... well, the rest is bullshit.

Via NewsNet5:
Bath Township detectives believe they have “overwhelming evidence” to prove a former Navy SEAL lied when he claimed he was shot during an altercation with three men outside of a popular shopping center.

Chris Heben, 44, has been charged with misdemeanor counts of falsification and obstruction of justice.

"We have overwhelming evidence based upon video, cell phone records and interviews that the shooting did not occur in the West Market Plaza and that Mr. Heben made false allegations to us," said Bath Township Police Chief Mike McNeely.
For the record, we have yet to hear from Razor Marketing or Chris Heben today.

*Update: Montrose Auto Group sent this out today. Important updates on their upcoming advertising campaigns.

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